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About us

What we do

CNE.news is a Christian news site for continental Europe. Our focus is on Christian values. We publish news and other journalistic texts in order to:

  • Connect Christians on the European continent, so that they get to know each other better;
  • Give the Christian community a voice to the world;
  • Support a better understanding of Christian values in Europe.

CNE.news hires manpower from the Dutch Reformed Daily (Reformatorisch Dagblad, RD.nl). But the editorial staff is independent in its policy.

Who we are

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Evert van VlastuinManaging editor
Evert (1972) has been active as a journalist since 1990. Since 2001, he has worked as a foreign news reporter for the Dutch Reformed Daily. Topics that he has been writing about are the Northern Ireland conflict, the Crimea crisis and Brexit.
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Joe-Lize BruggeEditor
Joe-Lize (1999) studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Utrecht University. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in 2020, she started working for the Dutch Reformed Daily as a news reporter at the desk of domestic affairs. In 2022, she switched to CNE.news.
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Lennart NijenhuisEditor
Lennart (1998) has a training in marketing and communication. In his first job, he built and managed a commercial internet webshop. In 2020, he started as a web editor at the desk of the Dutch Reformed Daily. In 2021, he moved to CNE.news.

Get in touch!

Christian Network Europe is willing to listen to your tips, suggestions or criticism. As editors, we will welcome your contact. Please let us know how you found us and what your experience is so far.

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