Most French Christians vote for Emmanuel Macron


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President Emmanuel Macron. Photo EPA, Guillaume Horcajuelo

After President Macron won the French elections, Christian organisations expressed relief about the results. As polls suggest, most Protestants voted for the incumbent president.

Jean Merckaert, director of advocacy France and Secours Catholique, is glad that Marine Le Pen did not win. That is reported by RCF Radio. Merckaert: “Her candidacy was one of ferment of division, of exclusion of part of the population and in particular of the most vulnerable who live on our soil, foreigners, and also one of division between religious groups.” Earlier, Secours Catholique had already called to vote against the far-right.

The Catholic Conference of Bishops of France did not want to give any voting advice before the elections. Nevertheless, RCF Radio writes that also the Conference of Bishops is relieved that Marine Le Pen did not win.

Protestants, too, express a “small relief” that Marine Le Pen is not elected. However, Emmanuelle Seyboldt, president of the national council of the United Protestant Church of France, expresses above all, “great sadness about the division of French society.” She says so to RCF Radio.

That voice is shared by many other Christians who felt that both of the candidates were not a very good choice. President Macron was questionable in his approach to bioethical questions. At the same time, Marine Le Pen was criticised for her attitude towards refugees.

Difference between Catholic and Protestant voting behaviour

According to a French poll, about 65 per cent of the French protestants voted for Macron, Evangeliques.info reports. Earlier, several Christian leaders had called to vote against the far-right party of Marine Le Pen. Yet, about 35 per cent would rather have had Marine Le Pen as President. The poll also shows that about 30 per cent abstained from voting.

Of the French Catholics, about 45 per cent voted for Marine Le Pen. However, the more practising Catholics still voted for Emmanuel Macron. Of the loyal churchgoers, only 7 per cent abstained from voting.



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