Madrid recognises Reformation Day


Southern Europe


Statue of reformer Luther. Photo RD, Henk Visscher

Representatives of the Evangelical Council of Madrid and the Madrid regional government signed an agreement that recognises October 31st as Reformation Day in the Spanish capital.

According to the Spanish news website ABC, the Minister of the Presidency, Enrique López, stated that "with the signing of this general protocol of collaboration, the regional Executive wishes to promote a supportive, tolerant and open society." With the signing of the protocol, Reformation day will now be recognised as a relevant Protestant event in the region.

The Christian French news site Evangeliques.info writes that the Madrid government is also considering the creation of a general directorate for religious affairs. Only Catalonia has this type of institution so far in Spain. In an ultra-Catholic country, evangelicals have been growing steadily in recent years, as has their need for official recognition in the country, made up of autonomous regions.

Reformation Day is a religious holiday celebrated on that day in remembrance of the Protestant Reformation carried out by the German monk Martin Luther.

According to data from the Community of Madrid, there are currently more than 700 churches or evangelical centres in the region, with 150,000 faithful evangelists.



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