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Recently I read that parents have more and more requirements for the school portraits of their children. Of course, photoshop software is very smart: a birthmark, scar or gap between teeth, everything can be polished away as much as you want. However, the question remains whether children become happy if a perfect version of themselves hangs on the wall in a picture frame. But the wellbeing of the children is not the issue here, of course.

In the case of chickenpox, scratches and other temporary imperfections, I can imagine that parents want the photographer to edit the picture. But I question whether a perfect photo is nicer. For example, I still regret not taking a picture of Martha when she had a funny gap in her hair because she cut her own hair with her dad's hair clipper. An image with a story that would have been.

Neline op de fiets.jpeg

Neline is married and the mother of five: Martha (8), Abel (6), Jolijn (5), Reinout (3) and Sifra (0).

But in practice... It is time for a new family picture. Usually, I do not like being photographed. Still, our photographer Tineke and I get along so well that the result is always excellent, in a manner of speaking that will say.

The week before the pictures are taken, I try to get some extra sleep. My attempt fails miserably, but the bags under my eyes at least tell the story of much quality time with our baby.

On the day of the pictures, I run through the house feverishly, looking for matching clothes. Martha's tights are "terrible. I really won't put them on!" and Jolijn's black skirt turns out to be in the laundry basket. Oh, and I still have to do Abel's hair!

At the last moment, I notice how Reinout wipes his nose on my coat. "Jan, a cloth, please!"

Fortunately, the pictures are not taken at home, I sigh when everyone is finally in the car. I do not care if there is some Lego Duplo on the floor, but that is different with a fork, three lost socks, part of the newspaper, a marker without a cap, pyjama pants inside out, a recorder, sunglasses and the manual of the game Rummikub.

In any case, it is a good day to be outside anyway. It is beautiful here! I completely forget the mess in the house. We walk, climb and clamber, and Tineke clicks and clicks and clicks. "Look, this is such a nice picture", she says, showing a portrait of Reinout. "There is snot by his nose", Jan notices. "Oh", I respond carelessly, "I am sure Tineke will edit it out, right?" Nothing human is foreign to me.



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