New lobby organisation wants to reduce Christian influences in Germany


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Christian influences in Germany must be reduced. For example, the ringing of church bells on Sundays should be prohibited, and legislation based on religious principles must be amended. That is the opnion of a new German political lobbying organisation.

The newly established Zentralrat der Konfessionsfreien (Central Council of Non-denominationals) aims to represent the interests of "the many millions of people who do not belong to any religion." However, organizations such as the Humanist Association (HV), the German Freethinkers Association and the umbrella organization of free ideological communities do not support the new forum. Although an official reason is unclear, a commentary in the Christian press service IDEA thinks this is because the organisations do not support this “intolerant nonsense”.

The organization calls the influence of churches in Germany "excessive" and wants to "limit their power." According to the German news site Welt, this includes whistleblowing on Sundays that should be restricted.

In a statement published this week, the council advocates, among other things, the abolition of the church tax. Three-quarters of the Germans would be in favour of it.

The organization's spearhead is also the right to abortion. Current abortion law in Germany is said to be based on "religious dogmas." The council states that, among other things, pregnant women are unintentionally "criminalized" and that the personal right to self-determination is "seriously violated." "Whether a woman carries on a pregnancy is entirely her decision," the council said.

Furthermore, the council calls suicide a "fundamental right, so assisted suicide cannot be a crime."

The lobby club, in which various secular organizations work together, also denounces the sexual abuse of children by clergy. It accuses the state of failing to investigate these 'crimes'.

The chairman of the board is Philipp Möller. He was previously involved in an atheist campaign in Germany, advocating the separation of church and state with texts on buses.



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