Bucha Baptist church distributes the Gospel and food amidst war


Eastern Europe


Image for illustration. Photo AFP, Yasuyoshi Chiba

Despite the horrors and bombardments that occurred, the Baptist Church building in Bucha is still standing. Its members keep spreading the Gospel and distributing food.

Bucha became known worldwide for the violence that was committed there by Russian troops. At least 400 bodies have been found so far.

Over 150 tons of food have so far been distributed, reports the Christian French news website Evangeliques.info. “We use food to share the Gospel,” resident Sergei explains. His apartment burned down during the Russian attacks, and he found refuge with his family in the basement of the Butcha Baptist Church, together with 167 other people. The Bethany Church is operating at full capacity: on Sundays, over 1,000 people come to attend worship.

Coming to the aid of the population after the massacre between February 27 and March 31, the members say they were surprised at the “spiritual hunger” of this city of 37,000 inhabitants near Kyiv. “A lot of people refused the help; they just said: ‘We want to listen to the Gospel,’” continues Sergei in a video report made by the Global News Alliance.

By praying together, he sees confessions and conversions. “It’s a big opportunity for Christians to stay in Ukraine and give people hope. Many non-believers think that if Christians left, there would be no hope. They look at us and see our faith by what we do.”



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