Hungarian PM promises to defend Christian values in Europe


Central Europe


Orban at the CPAC conference in Texas, USA. Photo EPA, Vivien Cher Benko

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has spoken against the “progressive Liberals” in Europe. To the American public, at the opening of the Conservative CPAC conference, he promised to fight for the “Judeo-Christian roots” of the European civilisation.

Especially the “natural family” is under siege, Mr Orban said. According to him, that should exist of father, mother and children. “If traditional families are gone, there is nothing that can save the West from going under.”

He repeated the much-criticised phrase from the Hungarian Constitution, saying: “The mother is a woman, the father is the man”, and added to that: “Leave our children alone.” That last part was a hint to last year’s broadly condemned child protection law that forbids portraying homosexuality as attractive to minors in Hungary and sets the heterosexual family as the norm.

Today, the “progressives try to separate Western civilisation from its Christian roots again”, he said. “But if you separate Western Civilisation from its Judeo-Christian heritage, the worst things in history happen. Let’s be honest: most evil things in modern history were carried out by people who hated Christianity”.

Culture war

For that reason, Orban and his country are in the midst of a “culture war”, the PM said in his speech. According to him, the bureaucrats in Brussels belong to the enemy. “We have to revitalise our churches, our families, our universities, and our community institutions.”

The conservatives must take back Washington and Brussels to get society back on the right track. “These two locations will define the two fronts in the battle being fought for Western civilisation”, Orban explained.

He mentioned George Soros as his main enemy. Soros is a Hungarian-born Jewish millionaire supporting globalisation by financing organisations and projects. Orban: “He believes in none of the things that we do.”

Orban. Photo EPA, Vivien Cher Benko

The Hungarian leader said in his speech in Texas that Soros blames traditional values for all the horrors in the 1900s. “But the case is exactly the opposite. Our values save us from repeating history’s mistakes. The horrors of Nazism and Communism happened because some Western States in continental Europe abandoned their Christian values. And today’s progressives are planning to do the same. They want to give up on Western values and create a New World, a Post-Western World. Who is going to stop them if we don’t?”

Racism and anti-Semitism

The Hungarian leader (Prime Minister from 2010) has been widely criticised in Europe, most recently for comments he made about racial mixing, which were condemned as racist and rooted in Nazi ideology, as was explained by Radio Liberty. But Orban answered his critics that they are “idiots” who have understood nothing of what he said since his government has adopted a “zero-tolerance” on racism and anti-Semitism.

Still, he said immigration is the “decisive and final battle of the future”. Therefore, Hungary needs the “zero-migration” policy and the wall along the southern border. “In Hungary, we will never surrender.”


According to the leading German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the applause for Orban’s remarks about family was the longest of all. It was clear that he was in a sympathetic environment. But since his speech was held in Texas, his expressions about immigration also evoked much recognition.



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