Germans dislike pro-life stance of Roman Catholic Church


Central Europe


Photo AFP, Brendan Smialowski

Most Germans disapprove of the anti-abortion stance of the Vatican. More than 60 per cent rejects its pro-life position, a daily mail survey of Die Tagespost shows.

Both men and women, young and old, are critical of the church's view on abortion, Die Tagespost writes.

The Pope has explicitly stated that he opposes the termination of pregnancies. Only 17 per cent of the Catholics who participated in the survey agree with this stance. They responded to the statement that "it is good that the Pope and the Church are against abortion." Of the Protestant respondents, only 13 per cent thinks the pro-life stance of the Pope is positive. Of the free church respondents, 34 per cent is in favour of the view of the Vatican.

Regarding political preference, the survey shows that especially Green and leftist voters reject the Pope and his view on abortion. The survey was held between July 5 and August 8. Almost 2,100 people participated.

Abortion in Germany

Recently, there was much debate in Germany about abortion. The traffic light coalition removed a law dating from World War II that prohibited the distribution of information on abortion and any other form of advertisement for the termination of pregnancies.

Theoretically, abortion is still illegal in Germany. However, under certain circumstances, termination of pregnancy is allowed, as long as it happens before the twelfth week of gestation.



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