Swiss church target of vandalism


Central Europe


The Liebfrauenkirche in Zürich was target of vandalism. Photo kath.ch

Vandals targeted the Liebfrauenkirch (Church of Our Lady) in the Swiss city of Zürich. They stained the church building with paint and wrote indecent texts on the walls.

The vandalism was discovered last week, according to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe reported on Facebook recently. The perpetrators made inscriptions in red paint on the walls, saying “Burn in Hell” and “Punch Fundamentalists on the Mouth.” Furthermore, they tagged the building with an anarchist symbol and let the paint drip over the staircase.

It is unknown who is behind the action, Kath.ch writes. The police investigate the case. Therefore, priests were not allowed to clean the church immediately after the incident.

Vicar James Puthuparampil said that the church filed a complaint against the perpetrator. He stated that he had never experienced an act like this before. “If someone has something to say, they can do it decently and not deface walls.”

The Church of Our Lady is a Roman Catholic Church. It serves the Niederdorf urban areas of Zürich, the university district and parts of Zürichberg.



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