Russian Jews: Duma deputy is anti-Semitic


Eastern Europe


Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Head of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda (R) in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, 09 December 2015. Photo EPA, Alexey Druzhinin

“Isolate the 50 richest Jews, and the wars will stop”, Moscow city Duma deputy Ekaterina Engalycheva wrote on her Telegram channel. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia is indignant.

Rabbi Boroda, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities, pointed out that Engalycheva shows two anti-Semitic clichés in her statement, Interfax writes. “Firstly, she refers to the idea that the Jewish have an excessive influence on world politics. And secondly, she mentions the belief that Jews are interested in unleashing wars between non-Jews for the sake of profit or weakening certain countries”, Boroda said to news reporters.

According to the rabbi, these statements demonise the Jews as a people and incite societal hatred. “Given the current tense situation, this is the last thing Russia and its inhabitants need”, he said.

Furthermore, the President of the Jewish Federation criticised the fact that the Communist Party to which Engalycheva belongs has never spoken out against anti-Semitism. “We literally see deadly silence on the part of the party that calls itself leftist and reveres Lenin, who fought against anti-Semitism.”



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