EU continues to pay for Palestinian schoolbooks


European Union


European Parliament in session. Photo AFP, Frederick Florin

The European Parliament continues to grant subsidies to controversial textbooks for Palestinian schools. The support amounts to 30 million euros.

The Dutch conservative Christian MEP, Bert-Jan Ruissen, submitted a motion to freeze the grants, the ECR fraction writes in a press release. According to Ruissen, these books are full of anti-Semitism and hatred against Israel.

However, this was rejected by the European Parliament. “Very sad”, Ruissen responded to the outcome of the vote. “The European Union has been using the tax money of EU inhabitants for years to work on a new generation of Palestinian children full of hatred. This does not bring us any closer to peace.”

For years, the Palestinian authorities have promised to cleanse the books of anti-Semitic elements. For example, Israel has disappeared from world maps, and suicide terrorists are glorified. Yet, these sections have never been removed.

Instead of freezing the grants, the European Parliament pleaded for more grants to the North African region, especially for Palestine. Currently, the Palestinian authorities receive about 225 million euros annually.

Earlier, EU commissioner Varhelyi blocked the subsidy after the news about anti-Semitism broke. However, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, proceeded with it anyways without setting any conditions.



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