Russian ban on LGBT propaganda tightened in November


Eastern Europe


A Russian gay rights activist holds a banner reading "Homophobia - disgrace of a country" during an earlier gay pride protest. Photo AFP, Kirill Kudryavtsev

The Russian ban on LGBT propaganda is getting stricter in November. That was announced by the Russian State Duma spokesperson, Vyacheslav Volodin.

Currently, it is illegal in Russia to propagate any sexual relationship other than between one man and one woman to minors. With the amendment of the law, it will also become illegal to promote non-traditional relationships to adults, CNE.news reported earlier. In addition, paedophilia is not to be promoted either.

Next week, the document will most likely be submitted for a first reading to the Federal Council, Volodin said in the State Duma earlier this week, as reported by Interfax.


According to the spokesperson, many Russians complain about non-traditional values. He argues that the propaganda is, therefore, harmful. Volodin stressed that the Russian authorities do not want to ban anything but only protect citizens and their rights. “Not limiting rights, but protecting against propaganda.”

Things only will be banned if they explicitly promote LGBT lifestyles, not if they only mention them. “Therefore, for example, “Lolita” by Nabokov will not be propaganda, as no readers will want to repeat the tragic fate of Humbert or Lolita”, Alexander Khinshtein, the head of the State Duma Information Policy Committee, added.


The Russian supervisory body of online media has shut down more than 7.2 thousand websites for propagating LGBT ideology. That is reported by Interfax. The websites will be offline for a long time, the head of the department, Andrey Lipov said. He compared the content of the online sources to a bomb, but stated that the main reason for the shutting down of the websites are “court decisions that have come into force.”

Military victory

The Orthodox Church leadership in Russia is delighted with the extension of the propaganda ban, Tass reports. They think the law would help religious organisations in Russia propagate and strengthen traditional families. The “new world order” that Russia fights today, attempts to form a “new man”, who must have a new “sodomite” ethic, be “mentally empty and morally dirty”, missionary archpriest Andrey Tkachev said to the Duma earlier this week. He called all actions that protect human morality comparable to a victory on the battlefield. “The law that the State Duma will adopt is equal to a major military victory”, Tkachev said.



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