Young German Catholics think about God with gender star


Central Europe


The Young German Catholics have problems with the masculine character of the church. Photo Flickr, Only Tradition

The Catholic Young Community (Katholische junge Gemeinde, KjG) in Germany discusses whether the term “God” needs a gender star. This is announced by the youth association in a press release on its autumn federal council.

The youth federation (80,000 members) met from 22 to 24 October in the German city of Mannheim, where more than 40 delegates exchanged views – among others on the image of God. As a youth organisation that stands up for gender justice and diverse society, they have discussed introducing the term “God*”. They were “committed and diligent” in their search for names for God that encompassed more than “the white male idea of God”.

The possibilities of the images of God are different, the press release continues. But it is clear: “How we speak of God also shapes our image of man. These findings are not new.” However, what is new is that “more and more believers are alienated by the idea of a male patriarchal, white image of God.”

It is the concern of the KjG that children, youth and young adults “can develop their personality” in church and society. “Sexual orientation and social background must not play a role.” The KjG wants to focus on the “individual with all his or her abilities and needs”. Therefore, the Federal Council has decided on measures to promote inclusion at the KjG national level.

However, the introduction of “God*” is being sensitively prepared in the association. The reason given is that the use of the “concept of God in the traditional sense” is associated with a “religious homeland” for many Catholics. Apparently, this is to avoid polarisation.



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