Russian Parliament passes proposal for ban LGBT propaganda


Eastern Europe


The Russian Parliament (Duma) unanimously passed a law that extends the current national ban on LGBT propaganda on Thursday.

Currently, it is forbidden in Russia to promote an LGBT lifestyle when children are present. Under the new legislation, this ban will be extended to people of all ages. In addition, propaganda of paedophilia and information that encourages sex change among adolescents will be forbidden, Interfax reports.

Every event or act seen as an attempt to promote homosexuality – both online and in public – can be fined under the new law. According to the Moscow Times, this is basically applicable to all forms of LGBT expressions.

The new law cannot be enforced yet and must undergo several more voting rounds. If it survives all of them, President Vladimir Putin has to sign it before it can come into effect.

The law causes even more distance between Russia and the Western world.



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