Moldovan Orthodox Church will not break with Moscow


Eastern Europe


The Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova rejects a call from the Liberal Party of the country to join the jurisdiction of the Romanian Orthodox Church and break with the Moscow Patriarchate.

The Liberal Party argued that Moldovan priests should join the "ancient and primordial Bessarabian Metropolis, which proclaims pure Christianity of the world and condemns Russia's war against Ukraine", Sphz reports.

However, the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church says that his congregations have already condemned the war by Russia. He calls the request of the Liberal Party provocative and says to "believe that such calls for recklessness can come either from ignorant people who do not know the importance of obedience in the Church and the mechanisms of transition from one structure to another."

According to Sphz, the Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova has been criticised for its position. In addition, it has been pressured to change its stance. For example, the State Channel has stopped broadcasting its services.



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