Hungarian nationalists try to ban Jewish slaughter


Central Europe


Photo AFP, Frederick Florin

Slaughter should not cause more suffering for animals than strictly necessary. Therefore, ritual kosher and halal slaughter should be forbidden, the Nationalist Our Homeland (Mi Hazánk) party in Hungary argues.

For kosher or halal slaughter, animals are not sedated. That causes unnecessary suffering, MP István Szabadi said in a press conference on Monday, as reported by Madiner.hu. Therefore, he pleads for a ban in line with European legislation. According to European guidelines, a ban on ritual slaughter does not violate the right to freedom of religion. Other countries, such as Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland, have already implied a similar ban, referring to the same guidelines. In these countries, it is, however, legal to import kosher meat.


Károly Csott, chairman of the party's animal protection, said that the party has been promoting the protection of nature and animals since its foundation. According to Csott, Our Homeland has always condemned animal cruelty and demanded prison sentences for those who commit it. The politician is in favour of slaughtering animals humanely, reducing pain and suffering as much as possible, he said, according to Hungary Today.

Mi Hazánk is a far-right party. Some even accuse the party of having ties with neo-fascism. The party adheres to a traditional view on marriage and opposes the LGBT agenda. At the same time, it supports the re-introduction of the death penalty and mandatory conscription.

In Hungary, there has always been a anti-Jewish sentiment in the political right-wing. Until recently, it was especially Jobbik that had the smell of anti-Semitism.



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