Meloni: Women will be first victims of genderism


Southern Europe


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Photo EPA, Str

The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has warned that gender ideology harms women. "They will be its first victims."

The right-wing premier dismissed any claims that gender is a social construct and stressed that it is determined only by biological sex. She said so in an interview with the Italian women's magazine Grazia, as reported by Remix. Meloni asserted that "the unilateral right to proclaim oneself a woman or a man is being claimed, beyond any path – surgical, pharmacological and even administrative." However, she argued that male and female "are rooted in the body and that this is an incontrovertible fact."

Erase the woman's body

The gender theory is dangerous for women, she added, as reported by il Giornale. "Today, to be a woman, it is said that it is enough to declare yourself as such; meanwhile, work is being done to erase the woman's body, her essence, her difference. Women are the first victims of gender ideology. Many feminists think so too", she said.

Instead, Meloni pleaded for more freedom for women. "I have always believed that women have a great autonomous strength that must be freed from the thousand obstacles that cage it. They don't believe they can compete with men and end up competing with each other, convinced there is a lower level to which to relegate their skills."

LGBT community

Meloni's words received much appreciation, even from some members of the LGBT community. Cristina Gramolini, president of ArciLesbica, an association of lesbians and support groups, said to agree that it harms women when men can pass themselves off as women without any surgical, pharmacological or administrative means. That is reported by Laikmetis. At the same time, she added that she does not believe in rigid gender roles. "Men and women can behave differently over time because masculinity and femininity are not natural, unlike female and male bodies."



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