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Jorge Ruiz Ortiz, CNE.news

Protesters holding sign reading 'The trans law is misogynist' demonstrate against a trans rights law in front of the Spanish Congress, in Madrid. Photo AFP, Oscar del Pozo

In the last three months, the Spanish government passed a battery of laws aimed at putting itself at the forefront of the most radical progressivism on a global scale.

The first is the "Gender Parity Law", which establishes that 40 per cent of all boards of directors of public and private organisations and companies must be female.

Secondly, the government passed the "Only yes means yes law", whereby any sexual intercourse deemed (by police and judges) to be non-consensual is criminally equated to rape, without it being necessary to prove intimidation or assault. In practice, this means that any man can be imprisoned on the basis of a woman's simple accusation.

Medical endorsement

Thirdly, the "Trans Law" was approved. Among many things, it states that minors between 12 and 16 can change their sex without parental consent and without medical endorsement. That is, to change sex, irreversibly, just by the simple decision of the adolescent. And that last word comes from the Latin verb adolescere, which means that which still lacks, physically and in maturity, to be an adult person. In fact, the law states that legal custody can be withdrawn from parents who oppose the sex change of their child. Interestingly, the persons concerned will also not be able to resort to so-called "conversion therapies", even with their consent.

Fourth, the government passed the reform of the current abortion law, which allows 16- and 17-year-olds to have an abortion without parental consent. But it also introduces new elements, including the creation of a register of doctors who conscientiously object to terminating a pregnancy.

And, last but not least, we must not forget the so-called "Family Law", approved in December, by which a cohabitation unit of any kind will enjoy the same privileges before the law as a family. In other words, thanks to this law, the legal concept of family in the eyes of the State de facto disappears.


These laws have been mainly the initiative of the ultra-left party, Podemos. Together with the Socialist Party, it governs a minority coalition. That means that it invariably relies on the Catalan and Basque pro-independence parties to pass its laws.

The main architect of these laws has been none other than the minister Irene Montero (35), the same minister who let slip in parliament that children have the right to have sex (supposedly with adults), and who later, far from retracting it, stated it again, in Argentina, in an equally clear manner.

The astonished reader may be wondering: "But what has happened in Spain? Have they gone mad?” Well, yes, indeed, they have gone mad. It cannot be called anything else. It is a rather acute case of collective delirium tremens, acute confusion. But in this case, it is suffered by people who continue to intoxicate themselves weekly with all kinds of toxic thoughts. The mass media, for their part, the private TV stations, which in Spain all form a kind of leftist oligopoly, contribute incessantly to pouring their particular and hallucinogenic opium on the people.


We can call each of the laws separately, and all of them together, an implacable tool of a barely concealed totalitarianism. They don't need to conceal it, and they don't even bother to do so.

This totalitarianism, of course, is religious in nature. Let's put it simply: the State has become god. God has been suppressed as the source of law in order to make the State –that is, the leftist parties– the only source of law in the country. And so, they act like a god. The State is now the sovereign that will determine what are non-consensual sexual relations (short of rape), what sex our children are going to have, etc., etc., without any possibility of protection from its dictates. Totalitarianism? Of course, it is. Totalitarism, “y del bueno”, as the saying goes in Spanish.

On a slightly more fundamental level, this battery of progressive laws highlights three unavoidable facts. First, these laws of the beginning of 2023 are nothing more than the development of what was already in embryo in the homosexual marriage law of 2005. At that time, Irene Montero was 17 years old! This lady (if she would allow me this appellation, of which I am not so sure either) is nothing more than the empowered and histrionic product of the ill-fated moral revolution propelled by Zapatero (the then president of the government).

Revolutionary programme

Seventeen years ago, I already warned in different articles that that new law, presented under a humanitarian and good-natured appearance, contained a whole revolutionary programme of action that would go as far as the promotion of child sex. And time has only proved me right, unfortunately.

Secondly, the laws of 2023 and 2005 are nothing more than the inescapable result of the overwhelming socialist victory of 1983, of which I have already spoken in previous articles. That victory completely dismantled the centre and right-wing parties in Spain, which began a shameful and slow process of recovery, until they were able to govern again in 1996.


But if the right parties were to govern Spain again, they would have to do so under the condition that they would not try to modify the new direction given to the country, in morals or education, by socialism in the 1980s. Those of us who were children in the 1970s and teenagers in the 1980s remember that change very well. We will certainly never forget it!

Third and last, 1983, 2005 and 2023 are nothing but the most absolute failure, spiritually and morally speaking, of Vatican II Roman Catholicism. The Regime of 78 was nothing but the forced product of that Council in the so-called "Hija Predilecta de la Iglesia" (the Favourite Daughter of the Church), which is Spain.

And, frankly, within this regime there is not and there will not be any possibility of amendment or reform. The disaster, spiritual and moral, for the people of this country is unavoidable and irreversible.

So let each one face up his (or her) responsibilities.

Jorge Ruiz (1969) was born in Barcelona, Spain. At the age of 19, he was converted to the Christian faith.

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Jorge Ruiz Ortiz

He graduated in Journalism at the University of Barcelona and received a PhD in Theology at the Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée in Aix-en-Provence, France. He serves as a Protestant pastor in the Iglesia Reformada Continuada, in Rubí (Barcelona, Spain). He is assessor for the Trinitarian Bible Society for the Spanish and French projects. He is married and father of four.



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