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Book: A Pilgrim in Media Land


“Are you on your cell phone again?” This reproachful question is asked frequently nowadays. To actually start a meaningful conversation about wisely using modern media is more challenging. How do we stay in touch with young people who seem to be online all the time? How can you be a good role model as an educator or parent? What are good questions to ask when having such a conversation? And, how can the Bible guide us in the use of modern media?

Using every day scenarios, the authors write about teaching our children the responsible use of modern media from a biblical perspective. To this end, they have developed the Media Circle. This book provides many useful tools for all those who deal with young people and want to encourage them to use modern media in a wise way. At the end of each chapter, there are a number of discussion questions, which makes the book a good resource for parent study groups.

Documentary "G'night"

Every fishing family knows the dangers of the sea, but when loved ones are taken from you, how do you hold on to God's faithfulness?


On November 29, 2019, the Dutch shrimp cutter 'Lummetje', carrying the fishermen Jochem Foppen and Hendrik Jan de Vries, sank. The fishing village of Urk was in great uncertainty for days. Presenter Caroline Schimmel travels to Urk and meets Maria Foppen, Jochem's wife and Albert de Vries, Hendrik Jan's father.

They tell how they experienced those days and how they dealt with the loss of their loved ones. The children of Jochem, a brother and sister of Hendrik Jan and the pastors who have supported the families also have their say.



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