Hungarian Secretary of State: Family benefits work


Central Europe


The billboard says: "Newlyweds receive baby-expecting support". Photo EPA, Janos Vajda

Hungary is known for its family-friendly policies. According to the Secretary of State from the Family Ministry, the measures seem to work.

Ágnes Hornung, the State Secretary for Family Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Innovation argues that research from the Kopp Mária Institute for Population and Families (KINCS) shows that four out of five Hungarians are in favour of the benefits for families with children. The Institute carried out a representative survey among 1000 Hungarians. It showed that most of them are well-informed about family-friendly policies. Almost all respondents are in favour of additional tax allowances for people with disabled children.

Since January 1 this year, mothers younger than 30 benefit from a special income tax exemption and get their student loans waived, Hungary Today writes. Furthermore, parents with disabled children also benefit from tax relief.

According to Hungary Today, more than 3000 women have already applied for tax benefits. On average, they receive 52,000 HUF (about 136 euros) per month extra. Also, more than 50 women got their student loans waived because of having children. Since 2018, more than 10,000 study debts have been forgiven, the Hungarian government writes in a statement.


According to the KINCS, the number of babies born in February increased by 7.2 per cent compared to last year. In total, 6526 babies were born, 436 more than in February 2022.



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