Christian clothing brand feeds poor children


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Clothing store from the brand Chosen. Photo Facebook, Chosen

For every piece of clothing sold, the brand Chosen donates a meal to a malnourished child. “We are a clothing brand that has an overall goal of changing the world”, says owner and general manager Emeline Braatlund Larsen (26).

By now, the company hands out 76,000 weekly portions of food to children, Vart Land reports. In six years, the clothing brand has grown from zero in 2017 to a turnover of 9.1 million in 2021. Larsen notices a “great commitment to buying clothes that have meaning.” “Our motto is ‘wearing is caring’, and it is clear that many support that”, she tells Vart Land.

The brand Chosen sells modern clothing. With its soft fabrics and pastel colours, it blends right into the other clothing brands. Chosen produces clothing mainly for young people who like comfortable tracksuits and oversized T-shirts.


Anyone who buys a piece of clothing automatically contributes to the charity program of Chosen. The business donates meals for a whole week to a child in Bangladesh for every piece of garment sold. The latest count shows that 76,000 children have benefited from the program.

Emeline Larsen. Photo Instagram, Emeline.larsen

Chosen cooperates with the organisation Ungdom i Oppadrag (UOI) in Bangladesh. The mission organisation takes in children who are not adequately fed. However, as UOI has reached its capacity, Chosen now also works together with the international organisation “Feed my starving children” that distributes food to children all over the world.


Not only does Chosen spread the Christian message of love via its charity programs abroad. Customers also wear the garments to testify of their faith in their near surroundings, Larsen notices. Some of the garments are decorated with texts such as “Show kindness” and “Humility is a virtue”. These uplifting messages can show that you are a Christian without spending time to post on social media about it, Larsen explains.

Especially for people who are a little shy to talk about their faith, this can be a way to testify, she points out. “An acquaintance told me that he put on a Chosen garment on the first day of his study because he could show then that he was a Christian.”

At the same time, the clothing is not only for Christians. Most pieces only read the brand name Chosen.

The clothing is sold at stores in the Norwegian towns of Kristiansand and Stavanger.



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