Believers in Poland are getting less interested in PiS


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Photo EPA, Wojciech Olkusnik

The ruling PiS party in Poland is losing popularity among young people. Especially the voters in their 30s are walking away from the national-conservative group.

That is what media in the country report based on opinion polls.

Compared to October, there is a clear outflow from Kaczyński’s party among younger voters. The party is especially popular among voters in their 50s and older. Among people in the age group of 18-24 years, the party has only 8 per cent.

Abortion ruling

A year ago, PiS was very popular because of the anti-abortion ruling from the Constitutional Tribunal. But that created a new polarisation since many young Polish women went to the streets to protest. The party’s popularity among women fell from 30 to 26 per cent.

From the new opinion polls, it is clear that PiS is losing in almost all socio-demographic groups. Nevertheless, the party is still leading over the Civic Coalition. PiS has about 29 per cent, while the Civic Coalition has 18 per cent.

The border conflict in the east does not seem to have much influence on the polls yet. However, some observers say that the country is even threatened with war, which usually positively affects the figures. But that effect is not visible. On the contrary, the party has 6 per cent less than mid-October.

CBOS has a bias

Media add a disclaimer to the figures since the CBOS polling centre is known for overestimating the party’s results in power. “This effect has been known for years. In the Centre’s polls, the authority scores better than in other centres, because CBOS is a state institution”, wPunkt analyses. “The CBOS respondents often perceive the interviewers as persons representing the state office and more often indicate the ruling party in their responses. This was the case before when the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) was in power, and then CBOS overestimated its ratings.”

The report also tells that the PiS worldview is getting less popular. This is the traditional image of the “healthy family”, based on a monogamous inextricable relationship of a man and a woman. That is linked to the fact that the Catholic Church is more popular in older groups than among youngsters.



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