Bus line 666 no longer travels to Hel in Poland


Central Europe


The bus line to Hel. Photo Twitter, Tanguy Baghdadi

People in Poland can no longer take bus 666 to reach Hel. The bus line was criticised for promoting satanism, and decided to change its line number.

Every summer, passengers could travel to Hel by bus line 666. Some tourists are said to have come to the area just to travel with the bus line.

The town Hel is located on the Baltic coast and formed the end station of the bus line, Notes from Poland writes.

According to Premier Christian News, most local people were not offended by the name of the line, as the Polish word for hell is 'pieklo'.


However, Christian groups criticised the line number, as they saw it as a promotion of satanism. The number 666 is a symbol of Satan, as reported by Dagen. Now, the bus operator, PKS Gdynia, announced that the name of the line has been changed to 669 without offering an explanation for the change.

However, Marcin Szwaczyk, overseer of the bus network, told Trojmiasto that the new number is "less controversial and less conspicuous."

In reaction, the company, however, received many complaints from people who liked the name of the bus line. "Really hope you will change it back", some Facebook users complained. "I don't want the story of this line to die."



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