Photo Feature: World lights up in support for Israel


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The tower of the Riga City Hall is illuminated in the colors of the Israeli national flag, in Riga, Latvia. Photo EPA, Toms Kalnins

In the aftermath of the terror attack on Israel last Saturday, Israeli flags popped up everywhere around the world.

White and blue coloured several famous buildings.


One of them is the French National Assembly. The French parliament explicitly voiced support for Israel as well, Algemeiner writes.

This photograph taken on October 9, 2023 shows the French National Assembly illuminated in the colours of the national flag of Israel, in tribute to the victims of the recent Hamas attacks. Photo AFP, Julien de Rosa

At the same time, the French Foreign Ministry continues to donate money to the Palestinians for aid organisations. Premier Elisabeth Borne ensured that no euro of the donations would “reach any terrorist organisation, neither in Gaza nor elsewhere.”

The Eiffel Tower lights up in colors of Israeli flag during a rally in support of Israel in Paris, France. Photo EPA, Mohammed Badra

The Eiffel Tower also showed the Star of David in support of Israel.


Hungary showed its support to Israel by colouring its famous Széchenyi Bridge white and blue. The country is considered one of the closest allies of Israel. Hungary is also known for its large Jewish community.

Széchneyi Bridge in Budapest. Photo Facebook, MAZSIHISZ-Magyarországi Zsidó Hitközségek Szövetsége

Chancellor Gergely Gulyas emphasised on Monday that the country “fully supports Israel in its struggle for its territorial sovereignty, security and right to defence”, Hungary Today reported. According to Gulyas, about 300,000 Jews from Hungary live in Israel, “for whom we are now also particularly concerned.”


The Parliament building in Bucharest, Romania, also displayed the colours of the Israeli flag.

Romanian parliament building. Photo X, Luminita Odobescu

Romania firmly denounced the attacks from Hamas, Romania Insider wrote. President Klaus Johannes wrote on X that the country is “in full solidarity with Israel in these terrible moments.” The Romanian Foreign Ministry emphasised Israel's right to self-defence.


Also the Arch of Titus in Rome was white and blue for a moment in support of Israel. Some people on X call it extra symbolic because the Arch of Titus was originally erected to honour the victory of the Roman Empire over Jerusalem, which was utterly destroyed in 70 A.D.

Attendees take part in a rally in support of the people of Israel next to the Arco di Tito, illuminated to the colors of the Israeli flag, in central Rome. Photo AFP, Tiziana Fabi

The Italian government has expressed solidarity, Euractiv writes. In addition, the authorities have promised to work with international partners, including Lebanon to continue support for Israel's security and prevent escalation of the conflict.


In Bulgaria, the Parliament building in Sofia showed the Israeli flag. The Ministry of Foreign affairs has promised Israel that the country is ready to assist with humanitarian aid. “We have to find out what they need, and we will provide it”, said Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, according to BNR.

We stand in full solidarity with Israel, says Boyko Borissov, former prime-minister of Bulgaria, on X. Photo x, Boyko Borissov


The German Brandenburger Tor also displayed the Israeli flag on Saturday.

The Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Photo X, Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz

A spokeswoman from the Berlin Senate Administration told Zeit that Christian Democratic mayor Kai Wegner had requested the projection. “Terrorism will never win”, Wegner stated. “Israel is not alone. Berlin and the entire free world are firmly on Israel's side. Now the rule is: prudence, determination and cohesion.”


The Israeli flag can also be seen on some church buildings, such as this one in the small Dutch town of Urk.

The Christian Reformed Congregations in the Dutch town of Urk. Photo X, de boze koster

However, not everyone is happy with the flags that can abound in the fisher town. On Wednesday, several flags from individual people were stolen and burnt during the night, the Dutch daily Reformatorisch Dagblad writes.

Burned flags in Urk. Photo X, Jan vd Meulen


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