EU country must accept parental rights of gay couples, court says


European Union


Parental rights are the same everywhere in the EU, the European court says. Photo EPA, Nicolas Bouvy

Every EU member state must accept the parental rights of gay couples that have received a child in another country. Even if that member state reserves marriage for man and woman.

The European Court of Justice (Luxembourg) has ruled that, according to the Dutch Reformatorisch Dagblad.

The court had to rule on a Bulgarian lady who gave birth to a son with her wife in Spain two years ago. They are both listed as parents on the Spanish birth certificate, and the child bears both their surnames. But when the Bulgarian applied for a passport in her homeland for her son, who also has Bulgarian nationality, things went wrong. The registry office only wanted to register one mother as a parent: the biological one.

The court said that Bulgaria must simply accept the Spanish birth certificate and provide a travel document. The toddler has the right to travel with one and the other mother. That does not go against “national identity” or “public order”, as argued by the Bulgarian authorities.



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