Photo feature: European Prayer Breakfast in light of conflict in Israel


European Union

Evert van Vlastuin, CNE.news

The European Prayer Breakfast is a yearly event. Photo CNE, Evert van Vlastuin

This year's European Prayer Breakfast stood in the light of the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

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Photo CNE

The yearly EPB was in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning. The yearly event has usually a theme that has to do with the geopolitical situation. Last year, it was Ukraine. This year Israel and Gaza.

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Photo CNE

The Palestinian Dr Jack Sara, director of Bethlehem Bible College, stressed that the Christian community in the Holy Land is the oldest Christian community on the world.

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Photo CNE

Most touching was the testimony straight from the kibbutz in Israel about the terrorist attack on October 7th.

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Photo CNE

The Christian Member of the Knesset, Sharren Haskel, asked attention for the persecution of Christians all over the planet.

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Photo CNE

The German TV presenter Andrea Ballschuh lived 50 years without God, she said, until she watched The Chosen series. That brought her to the love of Jesus.

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Photo CNE

The JenliSisters gave good music.

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Photo CNE

Also other faith traditions were invited to speak at the prayer breakfast.



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