Anti-abortion film Unplanned number 4 on bestseller list


Central Europe


Poster of the film Unplanned.

Although media don’t give much attention to the film Unplanned, the anti-abortion DVD has ended at position 4 on the bestseller’s list for June from the German magazine Der Spiegel.

According to the Evangelical German press agency Idea, the publisher Verlag Gerth Medien was surprised by this news. Not less than 13,000 copies have been sold, says Jörg Schwehn from Gerth Medien.

He could only explain the current popularity of the film because of high demand; a growing number of distributors are selling the film. In the year 2020, Unplanned was the most-sold Christian film. But now, it is doing exceptionally well in the secular market also.

The film traces the true story of the US-American Abby Johnson. The young woman had been an employee of the abortion organisation Planned Parenthood and had risen to become the director of an abortion clinic in Bryan (Texas). But in 2009, she had to assist in an abortion. She observed via ultrasound recording how a child was sucked out of the womb and dismembered during its abortion. Johnson then resigned and became an active anti-abortion activist and is now one of the most committed spokespersons for the US pro-life movement.

In the United States, the film was a big cinema success and led to an intense debate between the pro-choice and pro-life movement.



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