Disappearance German church bells remains mystery


Central Europe


Church bell in French Lausanne. Photo AFP, Fabrice Coffrini

A church in the German place Dietzenbach misses the sound of its bell. Unknown people removed the bell that weighs 800 kilograms and disappeared mysteriously.

The German police have been searching for the church bells, but it is still unclear how the thieves managed to take the heavy metal object Katholisch.de reports. The city of Dietzenbach and Mayor Dieter Lang offered rewards of 500 euros for anyone who can tell where the bell is.

The theft took place in the middle of last week. The police suspect that the perpetrators broke open the cemetery gate with a large vehicle and then took the steel bell, which was placed on a pedestal in front of the mourning hall. The damage to the demolished cemetery gate is estimated at 5000 euros.

Originally the historical object hung in the tower of the Evangelical Christ Church. It was replaced in 2008.



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