Spanish evangelicals raise their voice over freedom restrictions


Southern Europe

Marc Derœux,

Photo EPA, Rodrigo Jimenez

Spanish evangelicals express their concern over "restrictions on levels of freedom" by their authorities. They are especially worried about the “privileges” of LGBTI groups.

According to the Spanish Evangelical Alliance civil liberties are at stake. The Evangelical Alliance, therefore, made statement, together with, twelve denominations and evangelical entities The evangelicals say that through history, they paid a high price for these liberties. "And at this moment, these freedoms are at risk due to several legislations."

The evangelicals express their concern about the privileges that are being granted to the LGTBI collective. "We reject the discrimination that the LGTBI group suffered in the past, but we strongly condemn any initiative that gives this group or any other privileges over the rest of society, as is happening with the successive laws that have been enacted recently, supported by persistent social pressure from the corresponding lobby,” the statement said.

According to the evangelicals, legislations that create or stimulate these privileges, ultimately lead to the cornering of science and ultimately to authoritarianism.

Therefore, “as Protestants, we raise our voice again in favour of freedom and denounce the authoritarian tendencies that once came from national-Roman Catholicism and now from dogmatic secularism, and which seem to be embedded in the depths of the Spanish soul.”



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