Abortion doctor takes administrator pro-life website to court


Central Europe


Screenshot of the website Babycaust. Photo CNE.news

The German doctor Kristina Hänel has filed a criminal complaint against abortion opponent Klaus Günter Annen. Hänel argues that she feels offended and threatened by Annen.

Annen is the administrator of a website called “Babycaust.” He compares abortion practitioners to Nazis and their practices during the Holocaust in World War II Pro reports. In addition, the pro-life activist publishes names and addresses of doctors who perform abortions and exposes practitioners who violate the ban on abortion advertisements.

Hänel, on the other hand, is pro-abortion and campaigned successfully for the deletion of the ban on abortion advertisements.

She feels intimidated by Annen. She says to the Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung that by “directly comparing the crimes of the Holocaust to abortions, Annen incites hatred and violence against doctors concerned.”

On February 15, the judge will rule over the issue. If the ruling is in favour of Hänel, Annen could be accused of insults. In addition, he could also be convicted for his comparisons to the Holocaust.

Earlier, Annen personally attacked Hänel by stating that she kills “innocent and defenceless children, a despicable and inhuman crime.” He added that she has blood on her hands, “lots of blood.”

In 2020 the court prohibited him already from using specific formulations that compared abortions to crimes of the National Socialists.



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