German biologist not guilty of hatred against gays


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Prof. Ulrich Kutschera. Screenshot video Junge Freiheit

The German evolutionary biologist Prof. Ulrich Kutschera is not guilty of incitement against homosexuals. His statement that the introduction of same-sex marriage a “perverse decision” is, might be polemic, but is within the boundaries of the law.

With that final decision, the higher regional court of Frankfurt am Main confirmed an earlier acquittal of Prof. Kutschera. In 2020, he was fined 6,000 Euros. That is reported by the Protestant news agency Idea and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Shortly after introducing gay marriage in Germany in July 2017, Mr Kutschera said in an interview with the Catholic internet platform kath.net that he was against the introduction of gay marriage from the viewpoint of the biological science. It is not homosexuality that he is against, but the idea that a couple of the same sex can form a family and raise children.

He says children have a “natural right to have a father and mother”, according to a later interview in 2019. “To deny a child its natural mother or father is always a very problematic social experiment”, he told the English website MercatorNet. The relation between mother and child in the evolution developed into “the strongest bond ever”. Therefore, he sees it as a “breach of the most essential human rights” to give children for adoption to a homosexual couple.

But moreover, the biologist sees in natural parents a “genetic formed instinctive taboo” against incest. But that “inbreeding aversion” does not exist in non-natural adoptive relations, he says. On the contrary, there you find the so-called stepfather effect. “Why should a 40-year-old homo male not desire, for example, the 15-year-old adopted child, since there is no direct hereditary relationship to this child at all?” He thinks that adopted children in gay families have a much higher risk of being abused than in heterosexual families. Kutchera concludes that gay marriage could lead to “state-sponsored paedophilia” and a “possible horror child molester scenario that you don’t want to think about.”

“Science is atheistic”

Kutschera has always been known for his explicit statements. He has been known for his resistance against Creationism among Evangelical Christians since he thinks that natural science is “essentially atheistic”.

But after his interview about gay marriage, he was charged for incitement and hatred against homosexuals by 17 people. His defence was always that he only spoke based on “documented biological facts” and that this case was about academic freedom. Before, he stated that children’s doctors had thanked him for touching this taboo topic, according to Idea. He said that he had “children’s welfare in the first place”.



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