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Neline, CNE.news

Girl playing with a jumping rope. Image not related to article. Photo Flickr, Sarah Carroll

Don't ask me why, but one day Facebook's algorithms show me a blog of a young, sporty mother. A few weeks after her delivery, she is already at the gym. There she uses a skipping rope to get back to her maiden figure. About this, she writes a humorous blog.

But not all readers think her activities are funny. "Very unhealthy!" the mother's mafia grumbles. "Enjoy your life first! Who cares about your belly."

Of course, I share that opinion. But on the other hand, I understand the young mother. During my first pregnancy, I, too, expected that I would fit my lovely dresses again right after my delivery. "You are carrying your child nicely on the front", experts told me during my pregnancy. That sounded like something to be proud of. However, in practice, it means that it takes years before everything is in shape again. Unless you love abdominal exercises, but I find it hard to imagine that.

Photo Terdege

The Dutch Neline is married and mother of Martha (8), Abel (6), Jolijn (4) Reinout (2) and Sifra (0).

The blog gives me a bright idea. I google "jumping ropes sport useful". It indeed seems to be a beneficial sport. Running exercises only your legs, but a jumping rope trains almost all your muscles.

It is not hard to find the pink sparkly jumping rope of Martha. It also does not take much time to sweep all toys lying around on the kitchen floor to the side. My sports career can start.

"Maybe I should buy good running shoes", I say to Jan, who is watching my efforts with raised eyebrows. "I read that that is better for your knees", I pant. "Why are you laughing? Do you think I won't last?" But after 20 jumps, I wonder how I managed to jump for a whole break in the schoolyard when I was young.

Fiercely I keep jumping. Until I discover that my pelvic floor muscle is no longer as much in shape as it used to be. Enough for today. Such exercise needs to be built up carefully. Very carefully. After a few weeks, I try again. That Jan right slowly seemed to become true.

And at the moment, the jumping rope has been back in the closet again for months. It lies somewhere close to the dresses that have been out of fashion for years already. They are still waiting until I can decently wear them again.



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