German Cardinal apologises to queer people


Central Europe


Queer service in Munich. Screenshot livestream Archdiocese Munich

The German Cardinal Reinhard Marx from Munich has asked for an apology for the discrimination against homosexuals by the Roman Catholic Church. He was shocked that the discrimination was still ongoing, said Marx on Sunday evening during a so-called “queer service” in Munich.

The Austrian Catholic Press Agency reports about this. The English word “queer” is a collective term for sexual minorities, among which homosexuals are the largest group.

As bishop, he wants to ensure “that we gradually become an inclusive church,” Marx added. It is also important to take those with you who find it difficult. The sermon was greeted with applause. During the service, a rainbow flag lay on the altar steps. The cardinal said the life stories of queer people deeply touched him. “We have to see how many injuries have been caused.”

Marx said he supports the new emphasis on Catholic sex teaching that most of the Church in Germany are striving for in the “Synodal Way” reform project. At the same time, he predicted “the most violent debates,” including internationally.

However, the official teaching of the Roman Catholic church has not changed. Sexuality is only for marriage, and that is only for a man and a woman.

According to the Protestant platform Ref.ch, Marx had very much changed his opinions about this. “I couldn’t have imagined being here with you 20 years ago, maybe even 15 years ago,” said Marx. He is pleased that this has changed, “that we are not standing still”.



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