German pastors wash feet of shopping public


Central Europe


Photo Kirche im Dialog

Employees of the organisation Church in Dialogue, which is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany, will start a special action to evangelise about the meaning of Easter. They are going to wash the feet of passers-by in Hamburg.

The action will take place on the Reeperbahn on Maundy Thursday. The Reeperbahn is the central street in the entertainment, and red-light district of Hamburg's St. Pauli district, Idea writes.

The head of "Church in Dialogue", Pastor Emilia Handke" says to Idea that the feet washing is based on the Biblical model of "Jesus Christ Himself." On Maundy Thursday, it is commemorated how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples before the Last Supper (John 13). Handke: "He did this to pass on a different attitude to the world, the attitude of love and humility. Do not trample others but wash their feet. Do not make war but serve one another."



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