Ringing church bells scare villagers at night


Northern Europe


Church bells. Photo Wikimedia Commons, Dietmar Rabich

Inhabitants of the Swedish place Torsås woke up last week in the middle of the night. The church bells of the town rang for two hours straight.

Investigation of why the bells started ringing brought to light that a technical error occurred in the control function of the bells. Bo Gustavsson says to Barometern that the electrical timer of the clock was affected by an electrical fault. Usually, someone has to turn the bells on, but now they just started ringing and could not be stopped. According to Gustavsson, the problem was only solved when the power was switched off completely. The church will have to ring the bells manually with the help of buttons until the old timer is replaced by a new one.

The ringing bells caused some worries in town, and several people phoned the pastorate about the issue. Historically, church bells were used to urge people to the church and warn them for fire or war Dagen writes.

Annette Geyer, the church pastor, says that she understands that people got worried. “Of course, people wonder when they hear church bells in the middle of the night, especially in these times”, she tells Barometern. “That makes it all extra unfortunate.”



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