European Parliament admonishes North Korea for persecuting Christians


European Union

Editorial desk Church Affairs, RD

North Korean Christians in South Korea. Photo AFP

On Thursday, the European Parliament (EP) admonished North Korea for violating human rights. The North Korean government, for example, heavily persecutes Christians.

The reason for the warning is the execution of tens of churchgoers in the country. The event was reported by the organisation Open Doors. The EP voted in favour of a resolution about human rights in North Korea. However, a reference to the execution of the Christians is missing in the statement.

The Parliament worries significantly about the “systematic breaches of the freedom of religion” which hit Christianity and other religions. The European politicians condemn the arrests, imprisonments and killings of religious people in the country and ask the European Union to implement sanctions. Furthermore, the EP members request that China and Russia stop sending fleeing North Koreans back to their country.

“People who are persecuted because of their faith should be able to count on us, also in North Korea”, Dutch EP-member Bert-Jan Ruissen says according to Reformatorisch Dagblad. He is part of the Dutch conservative Christian party SGP. The resolution was partly his initiative.



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