Orban: West commits suicide by population exchange


Central Europe


Prime Minister Viktor Orban at his inauguration. Photo EPA, Szilard Koszticsak

The low birth rate in European countries, combined with the high inflow of non-Western immigrants, will be fatal to the Western world. That is the warning the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed in Parliament after his inauguration on Monday.

In his speech, as reported by Hungary Today, Orban stated that Christianity and the concept of nation-states keep the region of Europe together. That is reported by the German platform Junge Freiheit. However, according to the Hungarian Prime Minister, the European Union distances itself from these values. Orban warns against the deterioration of nation-states. He argues that migration is a danger to nations. "We will continue to defend our borders and not allow migrants in."

Moreover, he notes that the Western world rallies around "gender madness" and sees people as the "creators of their own identity, including gender and sexuality."

Furthermore, Orban stressed that Brussels and Hungary are alienated from each other. He calls the trend in the Western world a decline and promises that his government will resist this development. "We are committed to sound order, stability and uncompromising, unyielding loyalty to the Hungarian people. We will protect our families and not let gender activists into our schools. With us, a father will always be a man, and a mother a woman."

According to the Prime Minister, more and more people see Hungary as an excellent example to the European Union. "Thirty years ago, we thought Europe was our future; today, we think Hungary is the future of Europe."

However, despite his criticism, Prime Minister Orban also points out that it is in Hungary's interest to remain a member of the European Union during the next decade. That is reported by Hungary Today.



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