Action in Bern to give persecuted Christians a voice


Central Europe


Still from video of an earlier action for persecuted Christians in Bern. Photo Open Doors Switzerland

To give persecuted Christians worldwide a voice, Christian organisations in Switzerland are organising an action in Bern. On July 9, people are invited to the Bundesplatz in Bern.

That is reported by Portes Ouvertes and Open Doors among others. “We will not be silent” is the slogan of the event organised by several Christian organisations, such as Open Doors, Portes Ouvertes and Christian Solidarity International. According to Portes Ouvertes, millions of Christians “suffer day after day.”

The organisers hope that hundreds of Christians will join. During the event, 500 crosses will be placed on the town square to symbolise Christians who are killed for their faith. Furthermore, roses will be placed. Furthermore, Christians who have experienced persecution will share their story with the public, Livenet reports.

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen how many people mobilised to demonstrate against the war (in Ukraine, ed.). If only the same thing could happen when we call for a demonstration against the persecution of Christians”, the coordinator of the event says.



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