Metropolitan Hilarion does not know the reason for his dismissal


Eastern Europe


Screenshot of Metropolitan Hilarion. Photo YouTube, Joy of All Who Sorrow Temple

The Russian Metropolitan Hilarion does not know why he has been dismissed from the Department of External Church Relations (DECR) of the Russian Orthodox Church and as a Metropolitan of Volokolamsk. That is what he said after the sermon in his congregation.

Hilarion asserted that he was dismissed due to "changes in the socio-political situation." That is reported by Ria Novosti. According to the metropolitan, his dismissal is not based on any "shortcomings in his activities." He compared the situation to a road that has taken a sharp turn. "I did not fit into it and ended up on the sidelines."

Furthermore, the metropolitan added that he did not want to dramatise the events. "In the life of every clergyman, there can be ups and downs, both promotions and demotions in the career", he said, according to the Union of Orthodox Journalists. Hilarion stressed that he never sought a high position and will not grieve over losing it.

The metropolitan has been the church's rector since 2009, Ria Novosti writes. He was dismissed on June 7 by the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church as the head of the DECR. Instead, the Synod appointed him as the head of the Budapest Hungarian diocese.

During his term as president of DECR, Hilarion functioned as the ‘minister of foreign’ affairs of the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. He certainly was seen as a possible successor of Patriarch Kirill, since Kirill had been in the same position before. Instead of flying around the world, Hilarion will be working in a small country as Hungary for the coming years.



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