Alcohol ad portrays Last Supper


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YouTube still Raki

A German advertising video has caused upheaval among Christians. It portrays the Last Supper of the Lord Jesus and His disciples.

In the video from the brand Raki, which promotes an alcoholic drink, the Lord Jesus is shown with His disciples, sitting at a table. When soldiers come to arrest Him, they drink alcohol together instead. At the end of the video, the Lord and the soldiers drunkenly sing "Hallelujah" together. That is reported by Idea.

The video clip caused upheaval in Germany. The Council for the Promotion and Protection of the Culture of the Rum Orthodox Christians of Antioch filed a complaint. The German Advertising Council took over this complaint. In reaction, Raki, the company behind the advertisement, placed a disclaimer under the video, saying that it is not intended to offend the religious feelings of Christians. As a result, the Advertising Council did not publicly reprimand the company.

Many people comment on YouTube that the video is very disrespectful. That is reported by PRO. "It is a pity that it takes a holy religion to attract attention to a worldly drink", a certain Paddy writes. "I would like to point out that the Man you make fun of died for your sins as well. Let's respect and love each other, so please take this video offline." There are so many ways to present a product, someone else writes. "Why do they choose the most disrespectful way to do so?"

The Raki entrepreneur, Deniz Tugcu, says he is half Christian and would never offend "the Prophet Jesus." He says that he sees the clip as a song of praise to Jesus and alcohol.



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