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To prepare the church for the future, the pietistic ChristusBewegung (Translated as Christ Movement) has proposed ten 'impulses'. With these impulses, the church should ready its position for the future.

The Württemberg pastor Friedemann Kuttler is chairman of the ChristusBewegung Lebendige Gemeinde (Christ Movement Living Congregations).

A few days ago, the pietistic ChristusBewegung celebrated its 70th anniversary. Despite the celebration, the association is looking ahead. Chairman Friedemann Kuttler told PRO that the ChristusBewegung wants to continue to be a spiritual movement "that shapes our country, the people," and the church.

That is to be brought about through ten future impulses. These are intended to help "change churches, congregations and communities so that they will still be alive tomorrow." Kuttler explained that it has always been a characteristic of Pietism to act as an impulse generator in churches and society.

Impulses meant for individuals and congregations

For example, one of the impulses calls for more unity within the church. Another impulse describes the need for new congregations and congregational formats. Congregations need "the freedom to concentrate on branches of work that are flourishing and to boldly say goodbye to branches of work that are no longer sustainable." Other points deal with theological training, worldwide networking and mission.

The impulses are intended to address both congregations and individuals. Kuttler expressed the desire that "the future impulses serve as a basis for discussion, to rub up against them and be challenged to make our congregations and communities fit for the future."

The ChristusBewegung sees itself as a network within the Protestant Regional Church in Württemberg. It represents works, associations, congregations and movements of the regional church pietism. Within the Württemberg regional synod, the movement supports the discussion group "Living Community". In addition, the ChristusBewegung has organized Christ Day on Corpus Christi in Baden-Württemberg since 1956. Until 1996, it was called the "Ludwig Hofacker Conference." The event's roots lie in Pietism and the revival movement.

Ten impulses to make churches future proof

On the website of the Christ Movement, the ten impulses are outlined:

1. More hope

"We need more "hope of better times" again in our uncertain and weary Christianity."

2. More light

"We need more honesty about the state of our churches, communities and church."

3. More freedom

"We need more freedom for congregations and communities within our church to shape their work."

4. More unity

"We need more unity, togetherness and trust in one another in our congregations, our denomination and our doctrine of pietism."

5. More new churches

"We need new congregations and formats in the church and Pietism."

6. More mission and evangelism

"We need more courage for a missionary and evangelistic testimony in our country."

7. More diaconal work

"We need more missionary deacons and more diaconal passion in our congregations to serve the people."

8. More theology

"We need more theology in our sermons, songs and churches to avoid unbiblical narrowness and untheological arbitrariness."

9. A broader training of church workers

"We need more breadth in the training of our theological offspring to do justice to the diverse missionary and evangelistic challenges of our day."

10. A better connection with Christians from all milieus, cultures and nations

"We need more fellowship in church and pietism and more partnership with the worldwide community of Jesus."

This article was translated by CNE.news and previously published in the Christian German magazine PRO.



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