Thousands of demonstrators at anti-Pride protest Georgia


Eastern Europe


An earlier protest in Georgia. Photo EPA, Zurab Kurtsikidze

During Pride Week, thousands of Georgian people took to the streets of Tbilisi to protest against LGBT values.

The activists, many of them part of the radical organisation Alt-Info marched through the streets, staged a rally in front of the Georgian Parliament building and burned rainbow flags. That is reported by Interpress news. They also unfurled the Georgian flag, claiming they needed to protect it.

In addition, they chanted slogans like “Go away, go away”, referring to people celebrating Pride Week, SPZH writes. They furthermore demanded that the EU accept the Georgian people as they are, without enforcing the LGBT agenda on them.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs warned in advance that the police would act if the anti-Pride demonstrators resorted to violence or broke the law in any other way. Despite the warning, some demonstrators resisted law enforcement officers. The police detained several people, Interpress News reports.

Funded by Russia

The organisation Alt-Info was founded about a year ago and promotes an anti-Western view. That is reported by Pravoslavie. It demands that the authorities separate from the European Union. The Georgian opposition claims that Russia funds the organisation.



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