Russian Security Council intensifies fight against foreign religious organisations


Eastern Europe


Russian police detaining a man. Photo AFP

The Russian Security Council will intensify its crackdown on religious organisations from abroad. It perceives these as a radical threat to Russian society.

Some foreign organisations and their Russian counterparts carry out destructive activities disguised as humanitarian, educational, cultural, national and religious projects, the Security Council writes in a statement on its website. It argues that religious doctrines lead to religious extremism. According to the Council, freedom of conscience is overruled by "foundations of the constitutional order, rights and legitimate interests of a person and citizen and national defence and security."

The Security Council proposes to increase its monitoring and tracking down foreign actors who use religious organisations "to interfere with the internal affairs of our country."


Human rights organisations are worried about the developments in Russia concerning the freedom of religion and conscience. That is reported by Domradio. They warn that religious minorities are under "great pressure", as German aid organisations Missio Aachen and Renovabis wrote in a report earlier this year.

Jehovah's Witnesses were one of the denominations that were banned in Russia. Several members have been sentenced to jail or labour camps.



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