Official training for rabbi wives in Europe


European Union


Hungarian rabbis. Photo EPA, Bea Kallos

Wives of European rabbis can now enrol a special training to become more professional in the tasks they already fulfil in the Jewish communities.

The European Rabbinical Conference has established a new training for rabbis' wives. That is reported by Religion.orf. According to the Rabbinical conference, the course is unique to the Jewish world.

According to the rabbis, the so-called Rebbetzins play an essential role in Jewish communities. They work alongside their husbands and perform, for example, counselling or family work. The Rebbetzin also functions as "the rabbi" in women's issues. If a woman does not feel comfortable asking questions to her rabbi, she can approach his wife. Sometimes, Rebbetzins run girl schools. Up to now, they have often worked voluntarily and without recognition.

The training enables the Rebbetzin to work under the mentoring of an experienced rabbi couple. It also includes courses in leadership and communication, Religion.orf reports. More than 40 people have registered so far, Gady Gronich, the Secretary General of the European Rabbinical Conference, said.

Yemima Mizrachi, the program director, expressed the wish that "every community should have a female figure to go to with questions."



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