Thousands of large Belarusian families receive money for school supplies


Eastern Europe


Belarusian family. Photo EPA, Tatyana Zenkovich

The Belarusian government supports thousands of large families financially, as they have to buy school supplies for the new academic year. Parents raising three or more children are eligible for the grant.

In total, more than 225,000 children from 111,500 families benefit from the subsidy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection informed Belta. The first payments have already been made. The financial assistance is provided once and is not dependent on the family income. The subsidy is part of the national program “Health of the people and demographic security.” More than 20 million Belarusian rubles have been set apart for this campaign.

Low-income families or families with a disabled child receive financial assistance to pay for clothes, shoes and stationery. Furthermore, fairs, charitable foundations and public associations are organised to support families with children.

Furthermore, the country knows programs with maternity benefits, such as grants to mothers who are temporarily unemployed due to childcare. That is written on the website of the Belarusian President.

Register for large families

The Belarusian government has registered the larger families in a national register. According to the presidential website, there are about 106,000 large families. More than 85,000 bring up three children, and 15,000 families have four children. The largest family is reported to have 13 underaged children.



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