German avoids speaking to church when trouble comes up


Central Europe


Photo Unsplash, Adli Wahid

Most Germans do not contact the church if they have problems. This applies to both the Protestant churches and the Catholic churches in the country.

A survey by Die Tagespost shows that.

About 63 per cent of the Germans would not ask a church representative for help if they got into problems.

That is reported by Die Tagespost. In the survey carried out on behalf of Die Tagespost under 2,004 adults, they responded negatively to the statement “If I have problems, I would like to talk to someone from the church, or I already do.”

Of the male respondents, 61 per cent agreed. Of the women who participated, 65 per cent responded confirmative. In total, only 15 per cent of the respondents said they would like to speak to a church official in hard times.

Of the Catholic participants, 55 per cent would not contact a church representative for help, while 22 per cent would. In Protestant circles, these numbers are quite similar (55 per cent versus 21 per cent).



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