German Catholics do not care about chancellor's religion


Central Europe


Most German Catholics do not care whether the German chancellor is Christian or not. That was shown by a survey.

About 56 per cent of the Catholic believers in Germany would not mind a chancellor who has a different religious afiliation, Die Tagespost reports, based on their own survey. More than 2000 Germans participated in the questionnaire. Only 26 per cent would object to a non-Christian chancellor.

Younger respondents care less about the religion of their political leader than older Catholics. Of respondents aged between 30-39, 66 per cent approves of a non-Christian chancellor. Of the participants aged between 60 and 69, 47 per cent shares that opinion.

Even though most Protestants would not object to a non-Christian chancellor, their share is smaller than among Catholics. About 52 per cent shares this opinion, while 25 per cent would oppose it.



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