Pope Francis does not want the German Catholic Church to “become Protestant”


Southern Europe


Pope Francis does not want the Roman Catholic Church in Germany to be as progressive as the Protestant denomination in the country. "I say to German Catholics: Germany has a large and beautiful Protestant Church. I wouldn't want another, which won't be as good as the other", he said on Sunday.

With his statements, the Pope distances himself from the discussions in the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, which wants to modernise its policies. That is reported by La Croix. German clergy want to open the offices in Church to women, allow homosexual marriages and abolish the mandatory celibacy for priests.

Instead, the head of the Vatican pleads for "simple religiosity", which focuses on encounters with Jesus. "If there is no encounter with Jesus Christ, there will be a moralism disguised as Christianity. Then one will fall into moralising discussions", he warns.

Pope Francis has been critical of the modernising developments in the German Church since the beginning. Earlier, he likened it to a political process, not a Synod. "They play at the Synod but have forgotten the Holy Spirit."