German does not believe in life after death


Central Europe


Only a fraction of the German population still believes that there is life after death. The majority of Germans indicated in a survey that they think that death is the end of everything.

Only 38 per cent said to believe that life continues after death, a survey by the German Hospice and Palliative Care Association showed, as reported by Katholisch.de. About 55 per cent of the population does not believe so. The rest of the 1,093 participants did not want to answer.


The survey results indicate a decline in religious views on death and the end of life, Katholisch.de writes. In 2017, 52 per cent of the participants of the survey said to be religious. This year, the percentage decreased to 49 per cent. Only 33 per cent of the people who considered themselves religious said to believe in “one God.”



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