Belarus introduces death penalty for treason


Eastern Europe


Anyone found guilty of treason risks being executed. That is the aim of a Belarussian bill that survived the first House of Representatives reading on Wednesday.

If the proposal comes into force, any official or soldier can be executed if the judge finds him or her guilty of treason. The future law is to have “a deterrent effect on destructive elements, as well as to demonstrate a resolute struggle against treason against the state”, says the press service of the House of Representatives in a comment, cited by Reform.by. The death penalty will only be possible if a convict is a state official.


Currently, state officials can be punished with a jail term of 10 to 20 years, with or without a fine. Also, Belarusian legislation specifies who is all considered a state official. The list includes the President, judges and public prosecutors.

Treason is considered an act aiming at “causing damage to economic and/or military security.” Currently, treason consists of acts that damage economic security and defence capability.


The amendment comes to the table as fears grow that Belarus could join Russia in its war against Ukraine, Politico writes. On Wednesday morning, the Ukrainian military top said to notice growing discontent among Belarusian soldiers about this possibility. Over the past few months, Belarus has opened up its territory for Russia to launch missiles at Ukraine.



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